Our Approach


At Body Renewal & Rejuvenation, we help relieve pain, ward off disease and foster healing from the inside out through Massage Therapy and Restorative Exercise.  Our signature techniques, classes and workshops will restore your body to its natural alignment, strengthen your mind-body connection, and reaffirm that healing is within your reach.

You’ve come to the right place if:

  • You seek pain relief or a solution to fatigue
  • You struggle with osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, back pain or conditions attributed to aging
  • You’re exploring alternatives to surgery
  • You want to feel stronger, more flexible, and more energetic
  • You’d like to enjoy a healthy, active, and pain-free life

We take a holistic approach to supporting healing and reducing pain with four pillars:

  • Combining Massage with Restorative Exercise
  • Sharing proven therapy techniques
  • Restoring the body to natural alignment
  • Alleviating deep-set tensions

We believe taking care of your health does not warrant tipping. Therefore, Body Renewal & Rejuvenation does not expect or accept gratuities.

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