Restorative Exercise

Simple, corrective movements to address the so-called "diseases of aging" like foot issues, bone density loss, cardiovascular disease, compromised balance, and joint degeneration. An approach that draws from biomechanics to correct motor skills and restore bodies to optimal function without expensive remedies.

How does it work?

  • First, objective alignment markers are used to indicate areas of the body that will benefit from corrective exercise and habit changes.
  • When alignment is achieved, corrective exercises begin to stretch the over-used muscles and strengthen the under-used muscles.
  • Over time the movements will restore motor skills, achieve optimal muscle length, optimize your strength-to-weight ratio, improve your balance, and participate in whole-body movement
  • The best option is to schedule a few private sessions tailored to your personal needs. Otherwise, you're encouraged to join a group class. 
Restorative Exercise