I found Jackie when I was having a lot of shoulder pain and she has greatly helped me recover through massage and also through taking her alignment exercise classes which I absolutely love! Jackie has a wealth of knowledge of the body and has helped me to undo some bad habits and find a new way to open up the body and find relief with new ways to strengthen and stretch.Dawn Thomson
The Hot Stone Massage was quite simply magnificent. I loved it and thought your execution and careful execution was flawless!Maryann Platania
I realized the other day in yoga class that I was having an easier time with certain poses! Thanks so much for your dedication, it's much appreciated, and so nice to have some relief with my shoulder after such a long time of discomfort!May V.
I was having a nagging lower back pain on my right side. Although I still have some back pain, the excessive pain on the right side has left. Jackie has an outstanding way of listening and asking questions to determine your situation. She gave me a very relaxing massage, felt like she had more than 2 hands!Fred P.
Therapeutic. Really felt like my muscles were worked - felt good!Jennifer N.
Pain relieving. She worked on my neck where I expressed concern.Nancy B.
Best massage ever! Sometimes felt as though two massage therapists were massaging me.Amanda
I started healing with Jackie about a year ago. After chiropractic and other massage therapies to correct a frozen shoulder didn’t work, Jackie targeted specific techniques that have given me back 100% mobility in my shoulder and overall improvement in my physicality. I can’t say enough about how much better I feel engaging in routine massage with Jackie! Her restorative movement classes are also amazing! Her understanding of the body and proper movement are incredibly impactful in creating lasting change and well-being.Kate Mapother
The results of your work are fantastic! Thank you so much for your work! This is the first real lasting relief I've gotten in months and months.Deane S.
Just a wee note to let you know that I felt much better after the massage yesterday and that I enjoyed a good night's sleep last night. In addition, I am moving more comfortably today. I have had a pain-free day. What a gift!Sue C.
Targeted, thorough - awesome! Targeted stress areas that I didn't even realize I had. Felt like not only a massage but a cleansing. Best massage I ever had! Beth R.
Therapeutic. Definitely helped with my knee pain.M.V.
Rejuvenating. I liked the amount of pressure and it was right where I needed it most.Michelle